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Plastic Cast Film Equipment


   The cast film unit is an energy-efficient, easy-to-operate, fully automatic cast film machine designed and developed by Zhangjiagang Dida Machinery Co., Ltd. according to the new market demand. The unit is composed of a combination of a main machine, a screen changer, a casting machine, a conveying table, a tractor, and a winder. The production unit of the unit is suitable for processing raw materials: PP, PE, PEVA, EVA, etc.

   The equipment is stable in production and high in efficiency, and the annual output can reach 500 tons. The width of the product can be 200~500mm, and customers can customize the product according to their own requirements.

plastic film making machine

Cast film product use:

1 clothing industry: women's underwear, baby clothing, high-end windbreaker, snow clothing, swimwear, life jackets, sportswear, shoulder straps, hats, all kinds of shoes, high-end suits and so on.

2 medical industry: surgical gowns, surgical covers, bedspreads, plasma bags, infusion tubes, artificial skin, etc.

3 Tourism industry: water sports equipment, tents, umbrellas, handbags, purses, luggage, suitcase lining and so on.

4 Automotive industry: car seat materials, automotive interior materials, etc.

plastic film

Basic equipment parameters:

basic equipment parameters

Product drawing:

film drawing


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