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XPE Crosslink Foaming Oven

The polyethylene cross-linked foaming coil production line produced by the company is based on the summarization of the advantages and disadvantages of Han, Japan and Taiwan equipment. It has made many improvements to the key parts of the equipment, and also according to the general requirements of customers. Some configurations have been optimized and independently developed, and the independent correction of the sheet material with independent intellectual property rights, furnace energy saving, waste edge winding, mesh belt over-bias protection, etc., so that the quality performance of XPE foaming equipment is greatly improved. Improvement has truly achieved the goal of reasonable structure, stable performance, energy saving, environmental protection, safety and efficiency.


The main process of XPE production:

     1. PE and various additives are weighed according to the proportion of granulation formula → flat double extrusion granulation →

     2. PE and the masterbatch are weighed according to the proportion of the production formula → the mixer is stirred regularly → extrusion production →

     3. Heating foaming → cooling setting → trimming and winding → quality inspection → packaging and storage.

The advantages of the polyethylene (XPE) cross-linked foaming coil production line manufactured by our company are summarized as follows:

    1. Price concessions, about 15% lower than the same industry. The average price of the auxiliary machine for foaming furnace body is about 1.2 million, and the price of the company is 105-108 million yuan;

    2. Quality assurance, solid materials. Insulation layer thickness: top 150mm (aluminum silicate insulation cotton), side plate 120mm;

    3. High output, higher than 20% in the same industry. Now the foaming output of the same industry is 180kg/h, and the company can increase it to 220kg/h (more than 50m3);

    4. Reduced energy consumption. No longer need an internal mixer or an open mill, which greatly saves electricity consumption and reduces the number of users;

    5. After-sales guarantee. 36 hours to the on-site service, giving solutions within 8 hours;

    6. The manufacturing cycle is shortened. The current manufacturing cycle is around 90 days, and the company can be reduced to 75 days.


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