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XPE Original Sheet Machine

The polyethylene cross-linked foaming coil production line produced by the company is based on the summarization of the advantages and disadvantages of Han, Japan and Taiwan equipment. It has made many improvements to the key parts of the equipment, and also according to the general requirements of customers. Some configurations have been optimized and adjusted, and the independently developed sheet rectification, furnace energy saving, waste edge winding, mesh belt over-bias protection and other programs, so that the quality and performance of XPE foaming equipment has been greatly improved, truly achieved The structure is reasonable, the performance is stable, energy saving and environmental protection, safe and efficient.


  The main process of XPE production:

   1. PE and various additives are weighed according to the proportion of granulation formula → flat double extrusion granulation →

   2. PE and the masterbatch are weighed according to the proportion of the production formula → the mixer is stirred regularly → extrusion production →

   3. Heating foaming → cooling setting → trimming and winding → quality inspection → packaging and storage.

Product use range and industry trends

       XPE is a chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam material that has superior performance, high tensile strength and fine cells compared to other similar materials. XPE is an ideal material for automotive and air conditioning insulation. In recent years, it has developed rapidly in the sports goods market, such as surfboards, moisture-proof mats, yoga mats, and the like. It also has a certain use in construction, and has recently been widely used in the automobile and packaging industries.

Product thickness: 3mm-15mm

Product width: 1000mm-1200mm

       Due to the rapid development of China's economy, the infrastructure of central air-conditioning, large and medium-sized cold storage, pipeline facilities, vehicle and ship manufacturing, civil engineering, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and so on has been rapidly developed. Therefore, the market for thermal insulation materials is enormous. As the country's environmental protection requirements continue to improve and relevant laws and regulations continue to improve, central air-conditioning, pipe facilities, glass wool, and civil engineering, cold storage materials XPS, PU board, etc. will be gradually replaced by XPE foam materials. . In China, there are 1,000 large-scale central air-conditioning systems, hundreds of large-scale cold storages, and millions of large and medium-sized automobiles. The water supply, oil supply and gas supply pipelines are millions of meters. A large central air-conditioning system uses hundreds of cubic meters of insulation material, and a large one needs thousands of cubic meters; a 10,000-tonne refrigerator requires more than 2,000 cubic meters of insulation material, and the average vehicle consumption is about 1.2m3; The amount of passenger trains is about 15m3...so the annual demand for domestic insulation materials is more than 6 million m3, and the amount of XPE foaming materials is more than 2 million m3.

       In addition, with the continuous improvement of global environmental awareness, PE foam materials have become the first choice for the insulation materials market in Europe, America, Korea, Japan and Australia. Now the demand for XPE foam materials in Russia, Kazakhstan, India and the Middle East and Africa is increasing. It is also increasing rapidly. According to customs statistics, the amount of XPE foamed materials exported to foreign countries in China in 2014 was nearly 1.28 million cubic meters. In 2015, it has reached 1.5 million cubic meters. It is expected to exceed 1.8 million m3 in 2016, showing a rapid upward trend.

       According to the above data analysis, the annual market demand for XPE foam materials is more than 2.5 million m3, while the domestic XPE foam materials manufacturers are less than 40, with a total output of less than 800,000 m3, which is less than 1/3 of the market demand. . Therefore, the domestic and international market space and development potential of XPE foam materials are enormous.


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