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Advantages of Polymer Mattresses

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Polymer mattress features:

1. Polymer mattress has good gas permeability and impact resistance

The breathability of the mattress greatly affects sleep health and comfort, so ventilation is very important. In the metabolic waste generated by sleep, water vapor is continuously discharged through the skin. If the mattress is not breathable, the waste cannot be released in time, which is very unfavorable to human health. In addition, a breathable mattress can also reduce the number of people turning over during sleep, prolong deep sleep, and improve sleep quality. Plastic coil mat extrusion line benefit the polymer matress profuction a lot.


2. The strength of the polymer mattress and hardness are reasonable to the human body

According to statistics, nearly half of the people think that the bed currently sleeping can no longer meet the requirements for health and comfort. Directly determines the quality of the comfortable mattress, the high elastic mattress core to improve sleep quality, promote healthy sleep mattresses cannot be combined with other advantages. The ideal human spine S is a natural type of low-quality mattress that bends the spine, the pressure of the intervertebral disc is not relaxed and relieved, causing people to turn over several times during sleep. The high-elastic mattress core can give people a perfect skin-friendly the experience of sex makes you fall in love with a good feeling of being cared for and inclusive. Plastic mattress & pillow machine is a newly developed civil product machine of the company. Because of its reasonable structure, it has good performance in terms of strength and performance stability, and the product cost is relatively low. It has been widely used as the inner core of mattresses in Europe, America, Japan and Korea.


3. It has the characteristics of mildew proof, bacteria, anti-mite and easy to clean

At present, the mattresses used in the inpatient departments of major hospitals are mostly straw woven mats, which are used in several hospitals with sponge mats. These two materials do not have the function of venting and are easy to get damp and moldy. Especially in the patient's life some of them can not take care of themselves, the dirty sheet mattress is particularly easy, the mattress can be easily achieved using clean, quick-drying, deodorizing effect to reduce the workload of the caregiver. Plastic mattress machine helps mattress get better performance.

4. Polymer mattress is noiseless, durable and easy to deform

At present, the equipment that is difficult to clean in the sports equipment used by the school is the gymnastic mat and the high jump mat. Because the dust pad in the body is usually difficult to remove. Students breathe a large amount of dust when inhaling. As an alternative, using a mattress is easy to clean and deformed.


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