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PCL Sheet

Cryogenic PCL sheet- medical, remanufactured for medical orthopedics, common positioning film, chest fixation splint, various types of shoulder and neck fixed film

PET Strapping

PET strapping tape-packaging, such as the common plastic strapping in the packaging industry, not easy to break, durable

Spinning Mattress

Plastic coil mattress,Plastic coil car mat- home, bed, automotive supplies, such as polymer breathable pillows, and home cushions, automotive wire ring pads, car seat cushions, cushions, etc.

Plastic Three-DimenSional Net

Plastic Rainscreen drainage mat- garden irrigation, often used for soil protection to prevent soil nutrient loss

XPE Foam Sheet

XPE Crosslinked foamed sheet-Remanufacturable, common finished products: yoga mats, infant crawling mats


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