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Brazilian customers are pushing new

Brazilian customers were introduced by our old customers to purchase a PVC in-mold double-layer extruded sheet production line. Under the hard work of our staff, we successfully debugged and produced qualified products that meet the customer's requirements. The customers are very satisfied.

Foreign customers come to our company to consult and ...

Foreign customers come to our company to consult and negotiate plastic spinning equipment. The application of such equipment is very wide, and can be applied to household products and building waterproofing. Therefore, customers have shown great interest in this.

Vietnamese customers come to our company to negotiate

The Vietnamese customers were introduced by the old customers and came to our company to negotiate the PET sheet extrusion production line. The exchange was very smooth. The customers thanked the PET equipment produced by our company after the visit and successfully ordered the plastic sheet extrusion line. line.

Polish customers conduct inspections on our company, etc.

Poland customers have carried out pre-inspection and follow-up equipment inspection work for our company. The customer is very satisfied with the product production and on-site commissioning work of this production line. This PVC double-layer co-extruded sheet equipment has been greatly appreciated by customers.

US customers come to our company for acceptance ...

American customers went to our company to accept PP three-dimensional net/waterproof drainage net extrusion equipment. Our company's commissioning personnel and sales personnel and customers conducted detailed exchanges, and the final acceptance was successfully shipped.

Indian customers visit our company sample warehouse

Indian customers visited our sample warehouse and showed great interest in PVC spun floor mat equipment. They successfully ordered a complete line of PVC two-color spinning mat equipment.


Indonesian exhibition encounters customers

Our company participated in the Indonesian exhibition and met Indonesian customers at the exhibition.



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