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Difference Between PC Sheet and PET Sheet

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The Chinese name of PC sheet is polycarbonate, and the Chinese name of PET sheet is polyethylene terephthalate. Looking at the name, we can see that the two materials are not the same. Although they are both plastic, the essential differences are still very large.

Next, from the analysis of the two products, PC sheet can be used to make mineral water bottles and all other plastic beverage bottles, and it can also be used for spinning; PET sheet is used for water dispenser Of the bucket. It can be seen from this that how hard the two are. Obviously, the PET sheet will be a bit harder than the PC sheet and the impact resistance will be better.

PET strapping

Look at the price. Although PC sheet is used a lot in our daily life, its price will be a bit more expensive, and the price of PET sheet will be relatively low.

These are the differences between the two. Of course, apart from the differences, there are some similarities between the two. Whether it is PC sheet or PET sheet, they can be used to make containers for drinking water, so they are non-toxic.


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