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Introduction and Working Process of Glass Fiber Production Line

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In the existing glass fiber product production line, glass fiber cloth is first cut to a fixed length, then heated in an oven, and then manually sent to a setting machine for setting. After setting, it is placed on a cooling bracket to cool and cut the edges Finished product. The finished product manufacturing process is inefficient and requires more manual operations.

pp glass fiber honeycomb board machine

The company's glass fiber pultrusion production line includes unwinding components, traction devices, oven devices, mold setting devices, cooling setting traction devices, and tracking cutting devices; tracking cutting devices include a tracking platform, and the upper part of the tracking platform is provided with a support and an air cylinder. A platform, a front mold and a rear mold are arranged above the support. The front mold and the rear mold both include an upper mold and a lower mold, and a gap is provided between the front mold and the rear mold. The upper mold of the front mold is driven by a first cylinder. It moves up and down, and the first and second cylinders are installed on the cylinder platform. After the glass fiber material is unrolled by the unwinding component, it is pulled by the traction device into the oven device to be heated, and then set by the mold setting device. After the mold setting device comes out, it is cooled by the cooling setting device and cut by the tracking cutting device to produce. Efficient.


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