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Know More About FRP Pultrusion Process

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Pultrusion is a continuous production of glass fiber reinforced plastic profiles method, the basic process is: the traction device traction, the fiber material impregnated with resin, pre-forming, molding, cut into desired length of output profiles. Do you know the specific process about pultrusion? Let's learn about it together.

The pultrusion process is a reinforced material such as continuous roving, felt, belt or cloth which is impregnated with the glue. Under the action of the traction force, the pultrusion is formed by the mold, and the glass fiber reinforced plastic profile is continuously produced.

The pultrusion process is a special process in the FRP forming process. It is suitable for the production of FRP profiles of various cross-section shapes, such as rods, tubes, solid profiles (I-shaped, trough-shaped, square profiles) and hollow profiles. 

FRP Pultrusion

The Advantages Are As Follows:

1. The production process is continuous; the product quality is stable and the repeatability is good;

2. The content of reinforcing materials can be adjusted according to requirements, and the product strength is high;

3.It can adjust the longitudinal strength and lateral strength of the product to meet different use requirements;

4. It can produce products with complex cross-section shapes to meet the requirements of special occasions;

5. The product has good integrity and the utilization rate of raw materials is high;

6. The investment cost of equipment is low.

Reinforcement Material:

The reinforcing materials for the pultrusion process are mainly glass fibers and their products, such as roving, fiberglass mats and the like. In order to meet the special performance requirements of the product, aramid fiber, carbon fiber, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber and basalt fiber can be used.

1. Glass fiber

The glass fibers used in the pultrusion process are mainly alkali-free, medium-alkali and high-strength glass fibers.

2. Carbon fiber

It is mostly used for products requiring high strength and light weight, and is generally used with vinyl and epoxy resins.


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