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  • The Application of PET

    Positron emission tomography (PET), as well as PET/ computed tomography (CT), is somehow emerging out, calling them to be the major imaging methods. They have a huge recognition within the clinical fraternity. Currently, its principal function is in the imaging of oncologic.

  • DIDA Machinery

    Recently, Dida Machinery completed an order. The deal was for PVC co-extrusion sheet equipment. The workers successfully completed the container shipment last week. At present, the machinery has been completed with the delivery of customers.

  • Plastic Sheet Extrusion Machines of Dida Extruder Supplier

    The plastic sheet extrusion machine is also referred to as plastic sheet extruding machine. It is utilized to produce SPC flooring, PVC marble sheet, and PVC limitation. Many leading companies are manufacturing plastic sheet production line in the best way.

  • Poland Customers Did On-site Acceptance of PVC Intramode Co-extrusion Sheets

    Last week, we finished one order of Poland customer. We finish the production task on time. This time our customers come to our factory and did on-site acceptance of PVC intramode co-extrusion sheets. They are very satisfied with our production speed and excellent quality.

  • Lateset News about DiDa Machinery

    Recently, we have completed two big purchase orders. We successfully finish the production task on time. Our high-quality products passed the examinations smoothly and on their way of transportation. As follows are the photos of carrying and loading.

  • Wonderful Review of CHINAPLAS International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition

    Last week, our company participated in CHINAPLAS International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition in Guangzhou.

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